Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

Are your Hedges in need of a Trim?

We have two McConnel Tele VFR 8m reach flail hedge cutters and a mess free heavy duty mulcher head with an adapted saw blade and slasher to tackle any hedge. 

Our specialised tree and stump mulcher can mulch away any unwanted trees, debris and stumps with ease. With our different heads we can sort any on farm maintenance to cleaning water races and even your backyard hedge 

Hedge Cutter, Saw Blade, Mulcher and now Tree Grab

We also have saw blades and a rotary head and have recently added a tree shear/ topper that can cut through trunks up to 400mm thick that is guaranteed to be clean and quick. We can use the shear grab with an integrated blade to lower the height of hedges or take down small trees.