Haulage, transportation and more

Haulage, transportation and more

Need to move your gear from here to there? 


At Welshy Contracting we have many haulage or transportation options for you. From our curtain sider to low loader, we are able to haul any heavy machinery, bulk materials or transportation of your equipment and machinery 

With our experienced drivers, we are able to complete any job with no worries 

Heavy Haulage Options


  • Experienced Drivers 
  • Available with pilot drivers when needed 
  • Can transport machinery or gear up to 32ton 

Bulk Materials and Bale or Machinery Haulage


With our low loader, we can transport any amount of gear including containers 

From wheeled diggers to bulldozer and even bales, we can accommodate to what you need 

  • Low loader trailers 
  • Transport trailers 
  • Tipulator for Shingle Supply 
  • Mini Trucks 

Transport of Supplies or Equipment

With our 10 to 20ton tipulator, trucks and tip trailers, curtainsiders and mini tippers, we have the option for you