Farm Maintenance


We can help with all your agricultural jobs big or small 


Here at Welshy Contracting, we have machine operators who specialise in the agricultural industries and come with many years of experience for machinery including 2 tonnes to 23-tonne diggers, bulldozers and tractors

With an agricultural background, we can help you with any farm maintenance or development, irrigation and mainline maintenance and development, pivot ruts, muck spreading, fencing


 and much more...

  • On Farm Cartage
  • Rut Busting / Pivot Ruts
  • Dairy Tracks & Maintenance
  • Muck Spreading
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Calf Shed Clearing
  • Dairy Track Clearing & Maintenance
  • Bale & Machinery Haulage
  • Drain Clearing
  • Mainline & Drainage
  • Root Cutting & Raking
  • Irrigation mainlines
  • Pond and Canal construction
  • Tree stump removal
  • Water race cleaning
  • Effluent ponds
  • Shingle cartage
  • Trough lines and maintenance


Along with having agricultural experience, our team members have the competency for any work in the commercial or civil industry. We have the right know-how and years of experience for any site-works such as demolitions or new house foundations


Contact the Team today to sort out any of your agricultural needs